Tháng Ba 17, 2017

Career at Structured Business Group

Structured Business Group is a start-up company of intelligent and ambitious individuals working together across a multitude of disciplines in management consultancy. We strongly believe that an organization is only as good as its people. In order to attract talent, we provide our members:

1. A well designed career path to develop from Analyst to Partner through 3 tracts: Client Engagement, Research and Analytics, and Implementation.

2. Competitive and fluid remuneration. By fluid, we mean your position, responsibilities and remuneration can be adjusted as much as quarterly should you feel like you’ve developed measurably.

3. Opportunities to forge yourself in the fire of unending challenges.  At Structured Business Group, you will find leaders that will support you through these challenges to stretch and empower your skills. Through direct exposure to a variety of industries and leaders, you will discover many more opportunities to advance your career and expand your horizons.

4. Great and personally rewarding benefits such as additional paid days off after completing a project, 10% of your work hours can be applied to consulting for a nonprofit close to your heart, learning allowance of 5% of your annual salary, flexible work week where one day can be from home and more!

That being said, we are seeking motivated individuals to join our small, but growing team! Currently we have 2 openings:

  1. Business Analyst
  2. Junior Associate

If you think you can join in a different capacity, contact us at