March 29, 2017

Implementation Support

We can support the implementation of your new program in a variety of ways, depending on the program type, to ensure the program is up and running smoothly.

 Operating Team

In cases where a new program doesn’t require much implementation, a strong operating team needs to be in place to effectively run the program. We assist in identifying the people in your organization with the right skills and drive to run the program. We will also provide training to close any skill gaps.

 Project Management

In cases where new program requires a formal implementation project, we can act as the internal project manager to work with internal and external stakeholders. Projects with large IT, technical, or construction requirements fall into this category. Oftentimes a project manager is needed even for fully internal projects to ensure your IT team fully understands the project’s requirements.

 Subject Matter Expert

In cases where there is a capable internal project manager to drive implementation, we can take a smaller role as a subject matter expert to help define requirements, review and accept work from service providers.