January 15, 2017

Junior Associate

The Junior Associate

We’re seeking a motivated individual to join our small, but growing team. You should have at least 3-5 years experience working in HR, Customer Management, or Operations departments.

This position directly reports to the principals and will be expected to work on client projects from the start. Apply here.


Minimum Desired
HR/Cust Management/Operations 3 Years 5 Years
Education B.A./B.S. B.A./B.S.
Vietnamese Presentation, Negotiation Publication, Copywriting
English Advanced (Approx. level IELTS-7) Expert (Approx. level IELTS-8.5)
Data Analysis Advanced Statistical Analysis Expert Statistical Analysis
Excel Advanced Statistical Analysis Expert Statistical Analysis
Project Management Intermediate Advanced
Presentation Intermediate Expert
Sales & Negotiation Novice Advanced


What You’ll Do

An Analyst will typically work on one to two projects with several other members.

The following is typical of project work:

  1. Collect an enormous amount of information from a variety of sources. These sources can be the client, company experts, secondary research, google, etc.
  2. Validate, sanitize and structure the data in preparation for analysis. This step includes verifying, cleaning redundancies, identifying and correcting errors, structuring unstructured data, etc.
  3. Analyze the data using a variety of methods to extract findings. These include pivot, regression, variance, linear optimization, etc.
  4. Package the findings in communicable and easily understandable units. These include graphs, charts, presentations, papers, etc.
  5. Communicate the findings to the right people at the right time. Communication ranges from emails and internal briefings to client meetings and presentations.
  6. Develop and update charters, work breakdown structures and project timelines.
  7. Attend and support sales meetings, presentations and negotiations
  8. Manage clients


Salary Range

16-22M VND Depending on probationary performance.

For more information, please contact us at inquire@structuredbusinessgroup.com