April 5, 2017

Enterprise Application Developer

The Enterprise Application Developer

We’re seeking a motivated individual to join our small, but growing team. You should have at least 2-3 years experience in Java/JavaScript/JEE programming working on small and medium scale software projects.

You will be working on enterprise applications for Structured Business Group as well as deploying applications and virtual servers for clients (cloud deployments in Linux/Unix and Windows environments)

This position directly reports to the Managing Partner. Apply here.


Minimum Desired
Java/Javascript/JEE 2 Years 3 Years
Database/SQL 2 Years 3 Years
Unix/Linux 2 Years 3 Years
IDEs: Eclipse/Visual Studio 2 Years 3 Years
Cloud Deployment – GCloud/AWS 2 Years 3 Years
Vietnamese Written Presentation
English Intermediate (IELTS-6 equivalent) Advanced (IELTS-7 equivalent)

What You’ll Do

A Developer will typically work on several internal projects and one to two client projects as part of our primary project team.

The following is typical of internal project work:

  1. Maintain/Improve stability and security of current ERP Applications (we often utilize open source applications):
    1. OrangeHRM
    2. OpenProject
    3. Mantis
    4. WordPress
    5. BambooBSC
  2. Customize our current ERP Applications
  3. Research, customize, deploy other types of ERP applications on google cloud.
  4. Develop client-facing feedback and development platform
  5. Develop mobile app for feedback and development platform

The following is typical of client project work:

  1. Deploy demo applications for support tracking and performance management systems.
  2. Select and deploy support tracking and performance management systems.

Salary Range

15-20M VND Depending on probationary performance.

For more information, please send your queries to inquire@structuredbusinessgroup.com