Dropbox $1 Bln Run Rate Justifies Private Valuation

Dropbox has achieved a $1b run rate in just 8.3 years – that makes it the the fastest SaaS company to hit this elusive milestone. What’s more, they’ve temporarily put to rest critics who have slammed their private valuation of $10 billion set in late 2014 as a result of a $350m series C. This Read more about Dropbox $1 Bln Run Rate Justifies Private Valuation[…]

Pebble Watches

Pebble Bites the Dust – Crowdfunding and Incubators Should Tie the Knot

I’ve owned two Pebbles over the past three years and had planned to purchase a third. Their product, in my opinion, does exactly what a smartwatch should do – link the edge of our mind to your phone with just a glance. However, while Pebble was brilliant in marketing, product design and development, they fell painfully Read more about Pebble Bites the Dust – Crowdfunding and Incubators Should Tie the Knot[…]

Daily Efficiency

How you start your day sets the baseline for your daily trajectory. Whether you’re a person who gains momentum throughout the day or the type who does their best work in the first half of the day, your starting point will determine how much you accomplish over the course of that day. I think of Read more about Daily Efficiency[…]

Unicorns Losing Their Luster

T. Rowe Price and Fidelity have marked down valuations of many unicorns including Dropbox, Uber, and Zenefits. What jumps out at me is WeWork’s jump in valuation that bucks the general market. Much of their materials are in the public domain, which I have read. Yet I am still unable to see how they’re able Read more about Unicorns Losing Their Luster[…]