March 29, 2017

Audit & Evaluation

We usually start with an organizational effectiveness evaluation before diving into the organizational structure and each department individually. These evaluations range from 1 hour to 2 weeks.

 Organizational Effectiveness Evaluation

Duration: 1 hour

Objectives: Evaluate how well your company achieves its objectives and how well an important decision is made, planned, executed and improved.

 Organizational Structure Evaluation

Duration: 2 hours

Objectives: Evaluate the overall structure (verticalization, centralization, corporate governance), grouping, and how departments/ groups are integrated together.

Department Capability Audit

Duration: 2 hours – 2 weeks

Objectives: Evaluate the maturity level (development, documentation/systems, communications, training, and adoption) of your departments and other important functional areas such as risk management and business capabilities. There is a quicker 70-point and more detailed 350-point audit.

 Report & Recommendations

The report gives an overview of the structure of your organization and how this structure drives your top objectives.