Daily Efficiency

How you start your day sets the baseline for your daily trajectory. Whether you’re a person who gains momentum throughout the day or the type who does their best work in the first half of the day, your starting point will determine how much you accomplish over the course of that day.

I think of the area under the work curve (in units of time). By shifting it up the y-axis, you can easily double the work you accomplish in a day by starting out organized and focused.

Over the years, in an attempt to remember more, do more, and feel satisfied with my daily effort, I’ve created a patchwork system that I follow on most days:

  • Meditate for 10 minutes in the morning after showering to clear the mind and prepare for an efficient day ahead
  • Fuel up with breakfast and a mug of hot coffee
  • Block six to ten one-hour time slots throughout the day and identify progress milestones or deliverables
  • Be sure to take short breaks in-between blocks
  • Add five backlog items that would be nice to do in the off-chance you’re an efficiency machine today
  • Transfer the last to your management system of choice – paper, Google Keep (increasingly my favorite), Getmilk, Trello
  • Go and get it done!
  • Review your list at the end of the day and update your backlog for tomorrow

It’s quite simple: breaking work into bite-sized chunks helps my gain and maintain momentum – a bit like stages in a marathon, or splits in a pool.

What are some of your tricks to achieve higher efficiency?


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